Hardy Succulents

Cold & Frost Tolerant, Full to Part Sun, Spring & Fall Color

Hardy Succulents: These plants have excellent variety, color, and texture. They area all cold and frost hardy down to at least zone 5 (-20F) with certain varieties hardy to zone 4 or zone 3. Most hardy succulents are easy to propagate and require little maintenance. Because of their bright light requirements, they are recommended for outdoor use, sunny windows, or indoors with dedicated grow lights. 

Folklore: Sempervivum and Sedum are considered ‘Old World Treasures’ and are associated with mythology. During early centuries in Scandinavian countries, certain hardy succulents were called "Thor’s Helper" and were believed to drive off demons and guard homes if planted on roofs. In Ireland, Sempervivum were described as "a wee cabbage sat down, on my roof." The name Sempervivum means “always alive.”