The Ultimate Succulent Club™


Four unique succulents delivered each month.


PLEASE NOTE: The Ultimate Succulent Club memberships require their own accounts - new subscribers will need to register. Plants will be similar to photo, but specific varieties may vary. Bonus can include plants or accessories.

The Ultimate Succulent Club FAQ

Q: What kind of succulents will I receive?
A: Four unique succulent varieties selected from our greenhouses will be sent each month. These plants will share a common "theme" that will vary significantly month to month. Examples of themes are: color tones, seasonal varieties, ready to bloom, fun forms, interesting textures, indoor growers, sun lovers, etc.

Q: Will there be repeats?
A: For club members, we can promise there will be no repeats for multiple years! Just keep in mind, if you already have a large succulent collection, you may receive varieties that you've seen before.

Q: Will I know in advance what the next delivery will include?
A: Yes! We will update the listing with a preview image of the next delivery about 2-3 weeks prior to the ship day.

Q: Is plant info included?
A: Always! Name tags, a plant information card, and care tips are all included.

Q: Are there any commitments or contracts?
A: Never! Billing is month-to-month and you can cancel your membership anytime. PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel after plants have already been shipped, cancellation will take effect the following month.

Q: What if I want to skip a month?
A: No problem! Just follow these steps: 1) Log in to club account 2) Navigate to Subscriptions 3) Click + button next to The Ultimate Succulent Club plan 4) Click "Skip a month?"

Q: When will the succulents be shipped?
A: First Tuesday or Wednesday of each month. If you sign up after the 28th day of the previous month, you'll receive your first shipment the following month.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: You will be charged on the 28th of the previous month for each shipment. You are not charged on initial sign up.

Q: Will I receive tracking information?
A: Yes, you will receive an email with tracking information a few hours after succulents are shipped.

Q: Are there restrictions on free shipping?
A: Shipping is free to all contiguous 48 states, but we do have to charge extra for Hawaii (+$2/mo) and Alaska (+$1/mo).

Q: Can Puerto Rico, Guam, or other countries join the club?
A: Sorry no, only the 50 United States may join at this time.

Q: Can I join the club with my existing Mountain Crest Gardens customer account?
A: Unfortunately you'll have to create a new account to join the club. However, you will be able to login to Mountain Crest Gardens using your club account login, if you didn't have an account with us before.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: Follow these steps: 1) Log in to club account 2) Navigate to Subscriptions 3) Click + button next to The Ultimate Succulent Club plan 4) Click "Cancel"