MCG Rewards Program (Crest Points)

How do I redeem Crest Points?

Open the REWARDS pop-up on our website by clicking the rewards button located at the top of our website. Click the 'See rewards you can earn' link and use the Redeem buttons.


IMPORTANT: Be sure you are logged in to your Mountain Crest Gardens account before trying to redeem Crest Points!

How do I earn Crest Points?

Start earning rewards at Mountain Crest Gardens by creating a customer account. After your account is created, Crest Points are awarded as shown below (dollars spent is calculated using order subtotal after coupon and before tax & shipping):

Follow us on Instagram
100 Crest Points
Share on Twitter
100 Crest Points
Share on Facebook
100 Crest Points
Place an order
1 Crest Point for every $1 spent
Follow us on instagram
300 Crest Points
Sign up
400 Crest Points

What are the rewards?

Redeem your Crest Points for coupons, discounts, and store credit. See below for examples of rewards:

$5 off coupon (for orders over $25)
500 Crest Points
$10 store credit
750 Crest Points
$15 store credit
1000 Crest Points
15% off coupon
1250 Crest Points
$20 store credit
1500 Crest Points
$25 off coupon (for orders over $75)
2500 Crest Points