MCG Rewards Program (Crest Points)

How do I redeem Crest Points?

Open the REWARDS pop-up on our website by clicking the rewards menu button below. Click the 'See rewards you can earn' link and use the Redeem buttons.


IMPORTANT: Be sure you are logged in to your Mountain Crest Gardens account before trying to redeem Crest Points!

How do I earn Crest Points?

Start earning rewards at Mountain Crest Gardens by creating a customer account. After your account is created, Crest Points are awarded as shown below (dollars spent is calculated using order subtotal after coupon and before tax & shipping):

Follow us on Instagram
100 Crest Points
Share on Twitter
50 Crest Points
Share on Facebook
50 Crest Points
Place an order
1 Crest Point for every $1 spent
300 Crest Points
Create an account / sign up
300 Crest Points

What are the rewards?

Redeem your Crest Points for coupons, discounts, and store credit. See below for examples of rewards:

$5 off coupon (for orders over $25)
500 Crest Points
$10 store credit
1000 Crest Points
$15 store credit
1450 Crest Points
15% off coupon
1250 Crest Points
$20 store credit
1900 Crest Points
$25 off coupon (for orders over $75)
2500 Crest Points

PLEASE NOTE: Crest points expire after one year.