About Us

Family owned and operated nursery since 1995.

Our History

A Story of Innovation
and Growth

Mountain Crest Gardens™ is a family owned and operated succulent nursery established in 1995, located in the scenic Scott Valley of Northern California near Mt. Shasta.

In the beginning, our nursery grew a few hundred varieties of hardy Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks), Sedum, Jovibarba heuffelii, and Rosularia which we sold via our old mail order catalog. We also wholesaled planted dish gardens and birdhouses to retailers on the west coast. In 2001, our strategy shifted to direct sales and we moved the catalog online. A limited selection of Soft (aka “tender”) Succulents such as Echeveria and Crassula was introduced around this time.

Since then, our collection has grown and expanded to over 650 different varieties of hardy and soft succulents, including Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Senecio, Aeonium, Tender Sedum, hybrids, and more. New varieties continue to be added to our online catalog each month throughout the year.

Our Specialty

A Large Selection of
Named Succulents

Mountain Crest Gardens specializes in providing a large selection of named individual succulents, hand-picked special collections, and affordable assorted trays with no minimum order or wholesale account requirements. We also try our best to accommodate special orders, so feel free to contact us if a particular succulent, tray, or collection you need isn't listed. In addition, we offer free shipping for most orders over $75* and ship year-around to all U.S. states and territories.

*Free shipping not available for deliveries to Hawaii, Alaska, and territories.

we love

Succulent plants offer a huge variety of colors, textures, and forms. Their ease of propagation and low water / maintenance requirements make these plants a very compelling choice for yards, gardens, lawn replacements, houses, offices, green roofs, living walls, miniature gardens, weddings, special events… the possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked questions





When should I order succulents for a future wedding or event?

We always recommend ordering sooner rather than later for future events in order to ensure availability, a maximum 6 months in advance. We will gladly hold any order to ship when you want them.

Why are you out of stock on certain plants? When will they be available again?

Plant availability depends on a number of factors, primarily:

  1. Prolificacy of the plant – rare varieties are usually slower to propagate
  2. Plant growth / maturity – some plants grow much slower than others
  3. Product demand – some varieties sell out rapidly, and it takes time for us to grow more
  4. Season – plants generally grow slower and produce less in fall and winter

The best way to purchase plants that are ‘not quite ready’ is to attach your email to an out of stock product. Then our system will notify you when this item is available.

Can I choose the plants I want in a wholesale plug tray?

Selection is our choice and will be made for color, texture and variety. We do try to accommodate special requests when possible; call us toll free at 1-877-656-4035 or write your request in the comments during checkout.

Why do some individual plants cost more than others?

Generally, we price our plants based on how difficult they are for us to grow and manage. Some plants are fast growing and create many offsets so they are typically less expensive. Others take much longer to grow or are not nearly as prolific, so we need to price them a little bit higher.

Do you ship succulents in the fall or winter?

Yes, we ship succulents year-round. However, not all varieties are available all the time. In the winter, for example, many Sedum are dormant, so we do not ship many Sedums during winter.

Will my succulents freeze when shipped in the winter?

Hardy succulents will ship just fine all winter long. For Soft Succulents, we try to ensure all orders arrive in 3 days or less when shipping to extra cold areas. For extra protection, low cost 72 hour heat packs are available for purchase.

When you ship plants, are they going to be OK sitting in a box for multiple days?

Yes, absolutely. We have been shipping succulents nationwide from our California location for years. We rarely have any complaints about the condition of the plants when they arrive. In fact, we actually get lots of feedback from customers who are surprised at how great they look upon arrival. (Check out our Yotpo reviews and Rivet Works photo submissions). Occasionally, we may hold a shipment if we think it may be damaged because of extreme conditions (Ex: blizzards, hurricanes, floods, etc).

How long is it going to take to receive my shipment after I place the order?

We do most of our regular shipping on Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday. Most orders are delivered by Thursday or Friday of the same week they are shipped. If you order later than Tuesday at 11:30AM, your order will ship the following Monday. However, we can ship on Wed-Fri by request.

If you order with Fast Standard Shipping, the shipping time will be 3 business days maximum, not including date of shipment. If you order with Free Shipping, the shipping time will be up to 4 business days maximum, not including date of shipment. Pots and other non-living products may take up to 5 business days.

What happens if the plants break or die in transit?

We will refund or give store credit + 10% for plants that are broken or dead upon arrival. Replacements may be sent if possible. Photos of the damage are required. Please review our Shipping and Ordering Info page for more information.

How do I care for my succulents when they arrive?

First steps and basic care information is provided with each order. Detailed care information is available on our Succulent Care page. The most important thing to remember is that your succulents in a dark box for several days. Therefore, they’ll need to acclimate to the light before getting exposed to full direct sun. Keep them in bright shade or filtered sun for at least a few days before exposing them to direct sun.

How hardy are your succulents?

For all plants in the Hardy Succulents category, assume zone 5 (-20F) unless stated otherwise. Some super hardy varieties are zone 4 or zone 3. For plants in the Soft Succulents category, assume zone 9 (20F) unless stated otherwise.

What is my hardiness zone?

Please refer to this map:

Zone Map

Will hardy succulents work as indoor plants?

Even though we typically recommend Soft Succulents, any succulents will work for indoor plants as long as you put them in a location that provides them with plenty of natural light. You’ll know if a plant is not getting enough light when its colors fade and it changes shape in strange ways.

How often do I need to water my succulents?

Succulents need water when the top soil around the plant looks dry. In semi-shade environments, once per week is typical. In sunny environments, they may need water twice per week. The best time to water is early morning or evening.

For trays, how long can I keep the plants in the tray after it arrives?

You can keep them in the tray for 2 weeks to 1 month depending on where you put them and how you care for them. If the plants need to stay in the tray for an extended period of time, we recommend storing the tray in a semi-shade or filter shade spot, and be sure to water them once or twice per week.

Can I plant Sempervivum and Sedum together in the same growing area?

Yes you can, because their hardiness, soil, watering, and light requirements are all similar. However, please be aware that during warm months, the Sedums are much more aggressive growers. If you don't watch them, the Sedums can completely overtake the Semps and cause them harm. Fortunately, they are really easy to control, just pinch and cut them back as necessary.

Can all Soft Succulents be planted together in arrangements?

All succulents can be planted together for short term arrangements (2 months or less). For long term growing, consider each plant’s light and water requirements before planting together. For example, Haworthias prefer filtered light or indoor light while many Sedums like full sun. Sedums are also faster growing than Haworthias and use much more water, especially in the spring and summer. More information about each plant is available on its product page.

What kind of soil to transplant into?

We recommend any well-draining soil or cactus / succulent mix at your local garden center. Avoid normal flower soil, or add 50% perlite or pumice if you don’t have access to a well-draining soil. Raised beds or pots with drainage are recommended in wetter areas.

What kind of fertilizer should I use?

Adding bone meal and/or a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer such as 5-10-10 is recommended for best results.

Why is the color of the succulent I received different than in the photo?

Most succulents will generally look like their photos when they arrive. However, some succulents (Sempervivum especially) change color gradually throughout the year. Our photos typically show them during their "peak" season for color, which should be noted in the description. Also, please be aware that all succulents ship in a dark box, and if you opt for free ground shipping, they may lose some color during their journey to your location. Do not worry; this color change is always temporary. They will recover rapidly once they get sufficient sunlight and water.

Help, my succulents are bleaching, fading, and/or stretching, what’s wrong?

Your succulents are not getting sufficient sunlight. Move them to an area that gets at least six hours of sunshine during the day. Most succulents like direct sun when the temperatures are low (mornings / evenings) and filtered sun or partial shade when temperatures are high (mid-afternoon). When growing indoors, it is difficult to give succulents too much light, because ambient light is minimal and windows are like filters for the sun.

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