Sedum (Stonecrop)

Diverse Foliage and Color, Annual Blooms, Full Sun

Sedum (SEE-dum) (Stonecrop) hardy succulents are typically low, spreading plants often used as ground covers, on roofs, for rock gardens, or in containers mixed with other succulents. They are fast growing in spring and summer with sufficient sun, water, and fertilizer. Unlike other hardy succulents, Sedum thrive in full sun year-round, and also have attractive seasonal blooms. Leaves can best be described as small and fleshy. Colors range from bright green to bright pink to silver and blue. Many are evergreen, but some of the more popular varieties lose most of their leaves in the cold of winter, and then re-sprout for the summer growing season. Sedum like well-drained, porous soil.

PLEASE NOTE: Many Sedums are unavailable or shipped semi dormant November to March. Best Sedum selection is April through September.