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Succulents Plug Trays – An Introduction


We grow many of our succulents in plug form, which are offered in a variety of trays and assortments. Our video and article below introduce succulent plug trays and why we love them.


Plugs are small masses of soil that are formed by roots binding them together. There are many advantages to succulent plugs:

  • Bulk trays make succulents more affordable, with added discounts the more trays you buy
  • Shipping is easier on the succulents, because trays provide structure and protect roots
  • Plants can stay in plug trays for months with proper care
  • Plugs have a fully formed root system and arrive ready to plant
  • Every cultivar is labeled, so you know what varieties you're getting
  • Plugs are easy to remove from the tray cells and are great to work with for a wide array of projects

Bulk Succulent Plug Tray

Here, we are looking at hens and chicks in an assorted Sempervivum plug tray. This tray always includes a wide variety of hardy succulent rosettes that can grow outside year-round. The plug cells are 1.2" in diameter and 1.5" deep, while the Sempervivum rosettes themselves typically range from 1.0"-1.5" in diameter.


As you can see, the plant grows a nice strong root system, which is holding the soil together in a tidy plug. These roots are what allow the plant to begin growing as soon as it's planted.

Mini Succulent Plugs
Extra cute "mini" succulent plugs

The plug trays capture the wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of succulents. For a tray full of adorable, tiny plugs, try our Mini Plug Trays. A mini plug, shown above, is 0.9" wide and 1.5" deep.

Soft Succulent Plug Tray

One of our best sellers is the Soft Succulent Assorted Plug Tray, pictured above. It includes a very diverse variety of exotic tender succulents. The base plug size is the same 1.2" diameter as the Sempervivum plugs, however the plants range in height and diameter from 1.0" to over 4.0".

Succulent Party Favors

With so much variety in such an easy-to-use form, the possibilities for using plugs in succulent projects are endless. Try a vertical planterwreathrock gardenminiature gardenterrariumhanging basket, or small party favor pots. With succulent plug trays, you can let your creativity run wild.

Vertical Planter

Hanging Moss Ball Planter

Hardy Succulent Rock Garden

Succulent Wreath

If you have any questions about succulent plugs, send us an email at Happy planting!