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DIY Succulent Easter Basket


Week 13: Kristen, Easter Basket

Kristen has filled up this wonderful Easter basket.

Being a family owned business, we like to run the nursery like a big family. We thought a fun blog project would be to invite all our employees to make their own Succulent creations. We are asking one employee a week, starting alphabetically, to do so. At the end of each week we will “showcase” that employees design at the nursery, on the blog and on our Instagram.

Why an Easter Basket?

I chose to make an Easter basket, because I was working with all of these pastel plants and they reminded me of Easter. Perfect timing!

Many lovely spring colors on display here.

How long did it take to make it and how many plants did you use?

It took me about an hour to pick the perfect 12 plants for this project.

These red-tipped echeveria really provide a nice pop.

How exactly did you make it?

I put a coffee filter at the bottom of the basket, so it would not loose all the soil and then I filled it in and planted the babies!

The smooth stones really complement the pastel tones here.

What are some of the plants you used and why?

Echeveria ‘Blue Atoll’, Echeveria ‘Flag Day’, Sedeveria ‘Letizia’, Sedum Pallidium var. bithynicum, and Sedum ‘Little Missy’. I used these plant because all of their colors reminded me of Easter eggs. 

Who's ready to go egg-finding?

What are your favorite Succulents?

I like air plants the most because they are so unique, and their blooms are beautiful.

What are the most difficult succulents to work with?

I would say cacti are the most difficult to work with, especially when it comes to transplanting them. Ouch!

Why or what do you love about working at MCG?

I love walking into the greenhouse every morning and seeing all the different varieties of pants. There is always something new and different.