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DIY Succulent Driftwood Planter


Week 14: Jeff – Planted Driftwood

Jeff has prepared this fantastic cold-hardy driftwood planter!

Being a family owned business, we like to run the nursery like a big family. We thought a fun blog project would be to invite all our employees to make their own Succulent creations. We are asking one employee a week, starting alphabetically, to do so. At the end of each week we will “showcase” that employees design at the nursery, on the blog and on our Instagram.

Why a planted driftwood?

The planted driftwood was inevitable once I found the wood, the project just took its own path.

The sedum and sempervivum used in this planter will withstand cold months with ease.

How long did it take to make it and how many plants did you use?

It took about two hours, including the trip down to Scott River to find the piece of driftwood. I used about 30-35 plants.

The ranging sizes of sempervivum here really give the planter a dynamic look.

How exactly did you make it?

I found a piece of driftwood, drilled some holes in it for the plants and then planted it up.

Sempervivum can grow this way in the wild; any nook and cranny is a potential home for these little treasures.

What are some of the plants you used and why?

I used some Sedum and Sempervivum, because they are frost hardy and will survive outside where we live!

Sempervivum show a wide range of colors in the spring. These dark purple tones are a perfect complement to the green center of this rosette.

What are your favorite Succulents?

It depends on the day… I honestly could not choose a favorite because when I start looking at them and start favoring one I see another one I like better. I guess I am a sucker for succulents!

What are the most difficult succulents to work with?


Sedum must not be too hard to work with... Jeff has chosen to use them in his personal project!

Why or what do you love about working at MCG?

I love all the different varieties of my job and that I am able to work with plants all day.