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DIY Rustic Succulent Planter


Week 8: Lindsey – Vintage Ice Cream Maker

Lindsey has put together this fun Ice Cream Maker!

Being a family owned business, we like to run the nursery like a big family. We thought a fun blog project would be to invite all our employees to make their own Succulent creations. We are asking one employee a week, starting alphabetically, to do so. At the end of each week we will “showcase” that employees design at the nursery, on the blog and on our Instagram.

Why a Vintage Ice Cream maker?

I saw the old ice cream maker in my backyard and instantly knew that was the item I wanted to work with.

A side view.

How long did it take to make it and how many plants did you use?

It took me about and hour and I used 7 plants in total.

Closeup view of the plants in use.

How exactly did you make it?

I just found hardy plants that stood out to me, gathered them together and planted them up.

The added wood gives a wonderful landscape effect!

What are some of the plants you used and why?

I used Tokyo Sun, because it is the brightest and made a great finishing touch. Hardy Sedum to give it a flowing effect and then Sempervivum to pull it all together. I really loved creating this project!

Crystals give an earthy feel to this arrangement.

What are your favorite Succulents?

My favorite succulents are Sempervivum and Haworthia. I like the Semps the most because they are almost indestructible and the Haworthias because they are so unique looking.

What are the most difficult succulents to work with?

Haworthia are the hardest to work with because they fall apart easily.

Why or what do you love about working at MCG?

I love working with plants everyday and I love the crew that I have such a great crew that I work with everyday.

Lindsey: our featured staff member for this week.