Kalanchoe tomentosa 'Chocolate Soldier'


'Chocolate Soldier' (Kalanchoe tomentosa) (Baker, 1882) is a cinnamon brown cultivar of the well-loved Panda Plant from Madagascar. "Tomentose" signifies that the leaves and stems have a fuzzy, felt-like coating of hairs that help it survive dry, sunny conditions.

This stemmed variety has long, upright leaves that range in color from rusty red to silvery green with spots of chocolate brown dotting the leaf edges. Spring blooms are maroon to copper and have the same fuzzy coating as the rest of the plant.

'Chocolate Soldier' makes an outstanding, low-maintenance house plant in sunny rooms. It will stay small and tidy in a pot and only needs water when the soil is completely dry. This resilient plant is happiest with gritty soil and pots with drainage holes. It's even easy to re-grow from leaf cuttings (more info).

Color - Primary

Orange / Copper

Color - Secondary

Grey / Silver

Bloom Color

Red Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 9 (20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Bright Indoor Light

Recommended Light Conditions

Filtered / Partial Sun

Maximum Height


Growth Habit / Shape

Vertical Grower / Tall Stem


Blooms in Spring

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Special Characteristic

Hard to Kill

Special Characteristic

Slow Grower

Special Characteristic

Easy to Propagate

Special Characteristic

Pet Safe