The Secrets to Propagating Succulents (E-Book)

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Would you like to multiply your lonely collection of succulents into dozens—and even hundreds—more? Good news: succulents can be propagated like wild bunnies, as long as you follow a few simple tricks. And best of all, they won't cost you a penny!

Honestly, propagating succulents is so much fun plus it's cost effective. Over the years, I've propagated hundreds of succulents, so I can guarantee that if you follow my tips and tricks you'll be looking for extra storage space very soon!

About the Author

Cassidy Tuttle is a professional photographer by trade and succulent addict.

Her hobby soon turned into a labor of love, experimenting and figuring out exactly how to keep succulents alive and thriving.

She specializes in growing succulents indoors and is developing a love for cold hardy succulents that can be grown in her Zone 5 climate.

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