Senecio jacobsenii - Trailing Jade, Weeping Jade


Senecio jacobsenii - Trailing Jade, Weeping Jade, Vining Jade: Glossy green, round overlapping leaves on trailing stems. Older foliage develops purple blush. Great for hanging baskets and containers. Drought and heat tolerant. Orange-yellow blooms. Needs good drainage. Full sun. Tender soft succulent - not frost hardy.

What You Receive

One order = one plant in 2.0" container.

Color - Primary

Green / Lime

Color - Secondary

Purple / Black

Bloom Color

Orange Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 10 (30F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Full Sun

Recommended Light Conditions

Bright Indoor Light

Maximum Height


Growth Habit / Shape

Hanging / Trailing

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Special Characteristic

Easy to Propagate