Safe Shopping Guarantee

The online purchase area of Mountain Crest Gardens is secure. This means that any personal and private information you provide to us is protected by encryption and SSL (secure socket layer) technology. Your Credit Card Information is held safely on our secure servers and is not transferred via e-mail at any time.

How can you tell your transaction is truly secure?
There are several ways to confirm that the site you are using is secure -- in most browsers you will see a padlock near the address bar. Also, when using a secure server, the address changes from http: to https: in the address bar on your browser. This indicates you are on a secure server using encryption and/or SSL technology.

Shopping with us is safe.
If you experience fraudulent use of your credit card as a result of shopping with Mountain Crest Gardens, notify your credit card company in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. Most companies will either cover all of the fraudulent purchases or hold you liable for a maximum of $50.

Should your credit card company discover credit card fraud and hold you liable for some portion of the unauthorized charges, there is no need to worry. Provided the purchase was made through our secure server, Mountain Crest Gardens will reimburse you for the maximum liability of $50.

You can always order by telephone or fax.
Call us toll free at 1-877-656-4035 or fax us at 530-467-5733. No matter how you place your order with us, we want you to have a shopping experience that exceeds your expectations.