Crassula ovata 'Baby Jade'

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'Baby Jade' (Crassula ovata) (Druce) is superstar grower whether kept indoors as a potted plant or grown outside as a dense, mounding shrub. Its shiny leaves sprout from thick branches and can flush red at the edges when exposed to direct sun. It is native to South Africa and Mozambique where it grows en masse on rocky slopes, reaching up to 8" tall. Indoor growing, small pots, and pruning will keep sweet Baby Jade in a small, bonsai size.

Jade is a forgiving grower and makes a great choice for beginners. Just give it a well-draining soil, bright sun, and protection from hard frost. Eventually, mature, outdoor shrubs do not need irrigation at all. You can even observe C. ovata shrink during drought and swell when rehydrated. Jade reproduces readily from cuttings, but plants also produce dense clusters of white, star-shaped blossoms in the winter.

PLEASE NOTE: C. ovata sap can be mildly irritating to skin and cause nausea if ingested.

Color - Primary

Green / Lime

Color - Secondary

Red / Burgundy

Bloom Color

White Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 9 (20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Low Indoor Light

Recommended Light Conditions

Filtered / Partial Sun

Maximum Height

Over 12"

Growth Habit / Shape

Vertical Grower / Tall Stem

Growth Habit / Shape



Blooms in Fall / Winter

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Special Characteristic

Hard to Kill

Special Characteristic

Easy to Propagate