Adromischus cristatus - Crinkle-Leaf Plant


Crinkle-Leaf Plant (Adromischus cristatus) (Haworth) is the easiest variety to grow of the exotic looking Adromischus genus. As a soft succulent native to South Africa, A. cristatus needs protection from hard frosts, but it can grow slowly and thrive indoors on a sunny window sill with only occasional water.

This distinctive loose rosette has chunky, triangular leaves with wavy edges. A light coating of short hairs on the foliage silvery blue-green tone to the plant. It's unusual shape and frosty blue colors make it a favorite for under-water themed plantings.

Crinkle Plant thrives in sunny rooms when potted in containers with drainage holes and gritty cactus / succulent soil mix. Water deeply and only after the soil has fully dried out. Reduce watering frequency even more during winter dormancy to limit the risk of rot.

Color - Primary

Blue / Blue-green

Color - Secondary

Grey / Silver

Bloom Color

White Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 9 (20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Full Sun

Recommended Light Conditions

Bright Indoor Light

Maximum Height


Maximum Rosette Size


Growth Habit / Shape

Loose Rosette


Winter Dormant Partial

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Special Characteristic

Slow Grower

Special Characteristic

Pet Safe