Terracotta Standard Clay Pot w/ Drainage Hole (multiple sizes)


Terracotta Standard Clay Pot Round Container: High quality terracotta colored clay pot. Durable and reusable, these pots are perfect for our succulents sold in individual pots, or for plugs from our wholesale plug trays.

Plants not included.

Dimensions and Recommended Use

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  • 1.8" diameter x 1.6" deep - Good size for our succulent plugs.
  • 2.5" diameter x 2.5" deep - Good size for 3-4 succulent plugs and 2in pots.
  • 3.0" diameter x 3.0" deep - Good size for 5-6 succulent plugs and 2in pots.
  • 4.0" diameter x 3.75" deep - Good size for 8+ succulent plugs and 3-4 2in pots.

Drainage Hole?