Soft Succulents

Colorful & Diverse Foliage - For Warm Climates or Indoors

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  • Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace' [limited]

  • Senecio herreanus (now Curio herreanus) - String of Tears

    Senecio herreanus - String of Tears

  • Senecio macroglossus f. variegatus - Variegated Wax Ivy (February)

    Senecio macroglossus - Variegated Wax Ivy

  • Kalanchoe delagoensis

    Kalanchoe delagoensis - Chandelier Plant, Mother of Millions

  • Haworthiopsis venosa ssp. tessellata (stress colors)

    Haworthia venosa ssp. tessellata