Soft Succulents (Book)


Succulents are some of the most colorful and structural ornamental plants available today. Soft Succulents provides you with an informative and visually thrilling overview of some of the most popular - and sometimes rare and obscure - treasures of the botanical world. Soft Succulents is a 300-page, 1000+ image look at all of the soft succulents that are so popular now – aeoniums, echeverias, dudleyas, crassulas, sedums, kalanchoes and more. This book is about plants in cultivation rather than habitat, with cultural tips and insights from a nursery owner with over 25 years of experience.

About the Author:

Jeff Moore is the owner and operator of Solana Succulents, a retail succulent nursery near San Diego. He has gained notoriety for landscapes at the Del Mar Fair and Home Shows, particular for his “undersea” succulent gardens. After over 20 years operating his nursery, has written an engaging introductory book about the world of succulents in cultivation.

ISBN: 9780991584635

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