Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks) 100 Mini Plug Tray - 10 Varieties

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Features 10 different varieties of Sempervivum. Tiny 0.9" plugs. Each row is tagged with plant name.

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  • Hand-picked selection: 10 each of 10 labeled species or cultivars, 100 mini Sempervivum plugs total. (Varieties will repeat if you order multiple trays)
  • Classic rosette shape and a nice mix of colors & textures
  • Grow outdoors almost anywhere: Frost & cold hardy (-20F), low maintenance, and drought tolerant, Sempervivum can survive outdoors year-round
  • Countless uses: Rock gardens, container plantings, living walls and roofs, mini gardens, favors, and much more
  • Detailed care guide included: We'll help you get started even if you're new to succulents
  • Mini plugs are awesome: 0.9" plugs are fully rooted and simple to transplant in small nooks and crannies. Plugs can be kept in original plastic tray for several weeks with proper care (learn more)

PLEASE NOTE: Colors and varieties will be similar to photo, but may vary depending on the season


  • Climate: Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Protect from heavy rain (what's my zone?)
  • Where to Grow: Sempervivum thrive outdoors in full sun with afternoon shade. Good for both containers and in-ground. Long-term indoor growing possible in areas with multiple hours of direct sun, but colors may fade (learn more)
  • Acclimation: Allow about two weeks to gradually transition from bright shade to partial sun after delivery
  • Transplanting: We recommend transplanting within 1-2 weeks. If necessary, plugs can stay in original tray for several weeks with proper care
  • Soil: Use well-draining soil to promote root growth and minimize rot, e.g. a cactus or succulent potting mix from your local garden center
  • Watering: Only water when the soil is completely dry. Actual frequency varies by location, container, soil, and season
  • Containers: Use any kind of container, but drainage holes are recommended (learn more)
  • Propagation: Propagate Sempervivum by removing offsets (chicks) and transplanting
  • Color: Sempervivum often change colors with the season; peak color is usually spring and/or fall
  • Blooms: Depending on variety, Sempervivum usually bloom every 2-5 years. Bloom stalk is 6"-12" with multiple pink flowers. Once a mature "hen" blooms, it dies, but the "chicks" it produced carry on for future years. (learn more)
  • Complete Succulent Care Guide


  • Rosettes: 0.75"D - 1.25"D
  • Plug / Roots: 0.9"D x 1.5"H
  • Plastic Plug Tray: 10.0"W x 10.0"L x 1.5"H
  • Maximum Mature Rosette Size: 3"D - 8"D
  • Maximum Mature Cluster Size (Including Offsets / Chicks): 12"D

Cold Hardiness

Zone 5 (-20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Full Sun

Recommended Light Conditions

Filtered / Partial Sun

Maximum Height

Under 3"

Maximum Rosette Size


Growth Habit / Shape


Product Format

0.9" Mini Plug Tray

Recommended Purpose

Succulent Essentials

Special Characteristic

Lots of Chicks

Special Characteristic

Easy to Propagate