Rosularia platyphylla


Rosularia platyphylla: Bright green, waxy leaves with pink to orange tones. This plant makes a nice solid mat and mounds, giving it an interesting look (Kindingeri). Excellent choice for many applications: Green roof and vertical wall projects, ground cover, miniature gardens, and walkways with stepping stones. Very easy to propagate. R. platyphylla has been a bestselling succulent for decades.

Other Names

Rosularia borissovaeCotyledon turkestanica

What You Receive

One order = one 2.0" container.


Color - Primary


Cold Hardiness

Zone 5 (-20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Filtered / Partial Sun

Growth Habit / Shape

Low Growing / Creeping

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Recommended Purpose

Succulent Essentials

Recommended Purpose

Ground Cover