Mystery Haworthia in a 2in Square Pot

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Haworthia is a diverse group of low-light succulents that are easy to grow indoors whether you're a beginner or a succulent expert. Opt for the surprise of a mystery Haworthia and we'll send you a 2" pot with a fully-rooted, unlabeled species or cultivar.

Haworthia have low light and water requirements and they are rarely affected by the more common succulents pests. They make striking house plants and stay nice and small for many years; just be sure to use pots and soil with excellent drainage and only water when the soil is fully dry.

Some varieties have rigid, bumpy leaves, while others have soft, fleshy leaves with translucent “windows” that help them tolerate low-light conditions. You never know what you'll get with a mystery Haworthia, but it's sure to be quirky looking and easy to grow. If you order more than one, we'll try to make each one a little different.

Color - Primary

Green / Lime

Bloom Color

White Bloom

Cold Hardiness

Zone 10 (30F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Low Indoor Light

Maximum Height


Maximum Rosette Size


Growth Habit / Shape

Loose Rosette


Summer Dormant Partial

Product Format

2.0" Pot

Special Characteristic

Hard to Kill

Special Characteristic

Slow Grower

Special Characteristic

Pet Safe