MCG Mini Succulent Ornaments - Tin Pails (Set of 3+)


Trim the tree with these adorable succulent cuttings in small tin pails!

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MCG Mini Succulent Ornament: Small tin pail affixed with a beautiful succulent cutting and finished off with a festive red ribbon. Ready to hang on the tree or tuck into your décor. Sets will include a different succulent variety in each pail. 

They'll easily last through the holiday season and can later be transplanted (see below). From all of us at Mountain Crest Gardens: have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: Varieties will be similar to photo, but substitutes may be used. Multiple orders will have repeats.


WATER: Succulents enjoy deep, infrequent water when their soil is completely dry. In general, err on the side of underwatering. Don't feel like watering your succulent ornaments at all? Have no fear, for winter dormancy is here! In this season, succulents need very little water. Any wrinkling caused by temporary drought will quickly disappear once normal care resumes.

LIGHT: Most succulents need sunlight to thrive, but trees and holiday décor are not necessarily placed in sunny locations. Fortunately, winter dormancy minimizes the impacts of low light, e.g. stretching and greening. That said, colors may still fade over time without direct sun. A gradual transition over 1-2 weeks back to sunnier conditions will restore the succulent to its original vibrancy.

TRANSPLANTING: After the holidays have passed, your succulents will be ready for their next life as a rooted plant. Use pots with drainage holes and a gritty, well-draining soil, such as a cactus/succulent potting mix. Transplant to a larger pot and place them near a sunny window. Water 1-2 times a week while roots are establishing, gradually reducing the frequency and only watering when the soil is fully dry. After the chance of frost has passed, containers can be moved outdoors and hardy succulents can be planted in the ground.

Cold Hardiness

Zone 10 (30F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Bright Indoor Light

Recommended Light Conditions

Filtered / Partial Sun

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Container Material


Container Material


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Planted Creation

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