Living Wall Planter (Kit Optional) - 18" x 8.5 "


By graphically arranging a collection of plants in this vertical planter and mounting them on a vertical surface, designers, architects and the weekend gardener are presented with a whole new world in which to express their creativity. Tilt the unit upright and attach it to any sound, vertical surface using the mounting bracket included with your planter. Water thoroughly (Please note: excessive water will drain out of the bottom!). Plants can be watered manually through your own built-in drip line system. Vertical planting can be applied to any size wall in any climate zone, even in commercial environments. Both the aesthetic beauty and the wellness factor of large, lush green facades compliment the urban landscape. Consider the ecological benefits of sustainability, heat reduction and habitat recreation and the addition of vertical planting becomes an even better compliment to concrete structures. The living wall planter kit allows for hand watering the planter through the irrigation mount that connects to the top, and a collector installment for the bottom that collects excess water. Expanding your options for an indoor use as well!


  • Planters can be hung separately or in groups, forming one seamless vertical landscape
  • Populate the planting cells within each unit with plants purchased at your local nursery
  • Add color and interest to an otherwise dull wall simply by adding bright flowers or plants
  • Not meant for hand watering. Use drip line to water.


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Planter Dimensions:  

  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 18 Inches
  • Overall Width - Side to Side: 8.5 Inches
  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 4.5 Inches 

PLEASE NOTE: Plants and screws not included.

Dry Weight

2 lbs