Gymnocalycium mihanovichii - Grafted Moon Cactus - Cuttings


Gymnocalycium mihanovichii - Grafted Moon Cactus - Cuttings: Unrooted cuttings 4" - 4.5" long. Choose from 5 incredible colors!

These mutant cacti have no chlorophyll which exposes the red, orange, or yellow pigmentation. Since chlorophyll is necessary for photosynthesis, the mutations will not survive unless they are grafted onto another cactus with normal chlorophyll.

Drought tolerant. Tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frost.

PLEASE NOTE: These low cost cuttings are NOT guaranteed to root. If you are uncomfortable growing unrooted cuttings, please purchase a rooted variety instead.

What You Receive

One order = One cutting 4" - 4.5" long

Primary Color / Secondary Color

Red / Yellow / Orange / Pink / Black

Ideal Light Conditions

Filtered Sun - Part Shade

Maximum Height



Zone 9, 10, 11

Color - Primary

Green / Lime

Cold Hardiness

Zone 9 (20F)

Recommended Light Conditions

Bright Indoor Light

Recommended Light Conditions

Full Sun

Growth Habit / Shape

Vertical Grower / Tall Stem

Product Format


Special Characteristic

Slow Grower

Special Characteristic

Easy to Propagate

Size of Cutting(s)