Top 5 Overlooked Soft Succulents

Mountain Crest Gardens Team
26th Oct 2014

Sometimes, great plants can get passed by just because they don't have the name recognition of other better known varieties. We'd like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on 5 of our most overlooked and unusual Soft (Tender) Succulents.

Here they are, with comments from our general manager Nora.

5) Aptenia cordifolia variegata 'Crystal'

Very prolific. Real fast grower, has a trailing habit. I have it in baskets on my porch, and it blooms with these neat pink flowers all summer long. A nice interesting background for some showier basket or hanging plants, because it can fill in spaces well, and is also pretty on its own.

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4) Faucaria felina 'Tiger Jaws'

Great name for this plant. It's got funny little jaggedy edges on the leaves that look just like teeth. They're not sharp, but it definitely gives the impression that they are. It has some nice big daisy-like yellow blooms that come right out of the center. The blooms appear somewhat frequently all summer long.

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3) Cremnosedum 'Little Gem'

Really dense plant; it can make a good ground cover and can really fill in a small outdoor space for temperate climates. The plant itself is really small, so it could also work really well for miniature garden landscapes. Olive green with overtones of copper or bronze is the best way to describe the color. In the spring, it gets clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers.

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2) Anacampseros rufescens

It's an attractive plant, usually all glossy green, but it does get a purple cast to it in the winter. Gets a brief but pretty little pink flower that blooms a couple times per year. Grows in a neat little clump with spiraling rosettes. A nice windowsill plant!

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1) Ledebouria socialis 'Silver Squill'

One of its common names is 'Leopard Lilly', which is very appropriate because it really does have a kind of animal print on the surface of the leaves. The other thing that is kind of interesting, is that it grows from a bulb, kind of like an onion. Nice little indoor plant for the winter. I hope more people will discover this little guy!

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