Air Plant Food


Plantiflor Air Plant Food: This solution has the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your air plant healthy, and help it thrive. It is urea nitrogen free, and mixed at the proper ratio. Just mist plants once a week until the foliage is completely wet.

What You Receive

1X 4oz spray bottle

Tillandsia (Air Plants) - Care Information

Tillandsias are low maintenance plants that only require water. Most varieties do fine with weekly misting/showering, but larger plants need to be dunked in water for 15-20 minutes per week. These plants will thrive in dry or humid climates as long as they receive adequate moisture. Direct sunlight is not recommended, but often times will inspire color with in some varieties. It is important to drain the water out of the crevices. When using Tillandsia for terrariums or art projects they cannot be used with any potting soil or dirt (hence the name Air Plants). Air Plants can be used with sand, sea glass, rocks, pebbles & bark chip. Tillandsia will color up and also spike a bloom that will flower. They also produce pups that create a whole other plant. Enjoy!